Friday, March 19, 2010


will my sun rise again?

will i ever forget the pain?

is my heart going to breathe?

is my life gonna be seized?

i hope my heart be reborn

from ashes like a phoenix

like a sun rises after a storm.......

so tired, so dumb, so lost, i feel numb

everything is a new night

no dawn no hope of light

every bump in the road I'm trying to swerve

trying not to fall and get hurt.

trying to keep my eyes open waiting for the sun

to send me a message

telling me

there's still hope on it's way

it's coming along

well, i guess after all

i need to confess

there's just no sun to rise

no hope in disguise

there's just loneliness

i just want to get out

make a door in my chest

let my heart open it

maybe then it would catch its breath